Features of solar power plant

The power of solar energy has been known to mankind for millennia and has been successfully used by people to produce electric energy and heat. Even in Ancient Greece, Archimedes successfully used the energy of sunlight with the help of a system of concave and convex mirrors, causing a significant increase in the action of sunlight.

Features of solar power station

A positive feature of solar energy is its complete safety for the environment and the person, while the cost of solar energy is significantly lower than the usual heat carriers, the rise in price of which is a recent trend.

Construction of nuclear power plants in Russia (Russia)Solar energy has great prospects for development, and emerging projects using sunlight hit its ambition and scale. The list of power plants generating electricity through the conversion of sunlight is constantly increasing, and it is a mistake to believe that solar energy will be a salvation from all the problems in solving the energy crisis. The total amount of energy produced by solar power plants is less than 1% of the total energy generated by the plants around the world. Solar stations, with a large number of advantages, have a number of disadvantages, some of which are weather conditions. For the normal functioning of the solar battery is required to be Sunny. Although modern technologies have led to the emergence of accumulating solar systems that are able to accumulate energy and give it as needed and the needs of consumers.